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This is an interesting dialogue that I've carried on with MP Jimmy… - The West Coast's Independence from the US and Cana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The West Coast's Independence from the US and Cana

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[Nov. 26th, 2004|06:06 pm]
The West Coast's Independence from the US and Cana
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Street Protests in Kiev]

This is an interesting dialogue that I've carried on with MP Jimmy Ogle of the US Parliament. I'll tell you more after you read behind the cut...

To: CA-PAR PM Cantu [Democratic],
PM Rosoe [Libertarian]
and MP Stevenson [Libertarian] (friend of PM Rodriguez [Pot])
Cc: Harry C.D. Underwood [Bloc Pacifica (BP)]
Subject: CA-PAR Appointment

Victor, Ned, and Byron, you guys are the three prime ministers
of the CA-PAR (well, Byron is Mark's friend),
will you guys approve (and get Mark's approval) of the appointment of Harry
as "Minister of Interstate Affairs"? We need a 3/5th approval,
and I will be calling Jill, and Jon of Civil (the two secretaries),
about this. We're going to be focusing more on the CA-PAR
over the next few years maybe. Can we do this pronto? Please?

Ryan, ... the web page I maintain is timed for 12/1, you can say MP
Ogle [parliamentary] has agreed to push it through the executive
committee (three prime ministers and two secretaries). However,
we may get held back till 1/1/2005, donno.

I think we can get you on the CA-PAR, starting with PM Cantu [Democratic],
I'll talk to him this weekend.

OK, that's great, thanx for the info. And yes, I want to register to the mailing list, too.

Now how I want to register:

"MSP Harry C.D. Underwood, Bloc Pacifica (BP), Minister of Interstate Affairs (if not Premier, lol)

email to: rayne04@msn.com, Personal Page: http://livejournal.com/~rayne_vandunem

Pacifica Bloc Site: http://livejournal.com/~freewestcoast"

By the way, may I announce this on the West Coast Secession Community at LiveJournal (I just gave you the link)?

--- Harry

----- Original Message -----
From: MP Jimmy Ogle
To: Rayne Van-Dunem
Sent: Friday, November 26, 2004 12:37 PM
Subject: Re: GA-PAR

... hey cool, thanks for the interest. Well, if you do move to CA, Monterey is really sweet,
with the School of International Studies, and Junior College and stuff.

Okay, we'd have to create a ministrial position for CA-PAR. I'll start emailing the executive
officers, it's just a formality ... shouldn't be a problem, I'll try to get it
done by the end of the month.
PS What party and/or ministry, and how do you want the name and do you want an email link,
and to be on the monthly bulletin as a subscriber (just email me with "unsubscribe" to get off)?

Rayne Van-Dunem wrote:

And BTW, despite my present handicaps (such as being a 17-yr-old high school senior who will be graduating valedictorian at the end of May of 2005), I hope to present myself as an able representative of the people who will voice his opinion and beliefs, so I'm ever willing (and, if all goes well within the first half of 2005, able) to be part of the California (and maybe even National) Parliament. The only thing I need is the full ability to realize such, and I ask that you help me in my realization, as I am willing to pull as much of my own weight as humanly and personally possible.


---- Harry
----- Original Message -----
From: Almetrics
To: rayne04@msn.com
Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 7:42 PM
Subject: GA-PAR

To: Harry
From: Jimmy
Subject: GA-PAR

How about if we put you in the GA-PAR? BTW, I did my first 21 years in
Alabama. I also lived near Atlanta for the summer.
Oh, I must tell you, in addition to the use of your name, you also
get to vote for rules, secretaries and prime ministers as a member
of state parliament (after the elections of 100 MSPs).

I also might say, I like the MP ratio of 1:100,000, but of course
we are too small. Right now, when we have elections, we are finally
getting plenty of back-ups beyond the elected 100. That helps,and we get plenty of write-ins too. In the last US Parliament election,
about 35 of the 100 winners were write-ins, and every 1st and 2nd write-in
choice won seats.

We need people like you, with your ideas, working and helping us in the
state and national parliaments.
I plan to make a big announcement on 1/3/2005, at the CA secretary of
state's office, about our national effort on July 4th in Monterey. I
plan to make the next four years' gatherings in Monterey. Problem is,I'm a poor artist and it's too hard for one person. That's why I knowe
we can only suceed as a team.
I can probably get you appointed to the national and/or CA state cabinets,
if you feel like you want a post. You can be a deputy minister, or
create a new ministry. I'd get approval from other MPs or MSPs.
Cabinet members are approved by a 3/5ths vote of the three prime ministers
and two secrearies, to get you appointed to a cabinet position, I'd push
your nomination and approval through.
Everyone has a special talant, and I'm sure we can find you a nich.

It'll be whatever you want. I've never run a coalition before, but I
have a feeling that if we get everyone what they want in this free system,
maybe it'll take off. I'm also thinking that the Pot Party will pull us
along to higher stages, too, even though I'm with the Parliamentary Party.
Did you see the make-up of the Monterey Parliament? It has 52 Pot
Party members out of 100, and the Libertarians are helping, MP Samuals is
our first booked speaker and he's also a promonant Libertarian organizer.

> Well, I did spend a two-week Christmas/New Year's vacation over there a
> while back, if that helps.
> But I WAS born in California . And yet, I find myself on the other side
> of the continent, in the middle of Georgia .
> Harry C.D. Underwood (yes, my REAL name)
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: MP Jimmy Ogle<mailto:vvc@usparliament.org>
> To: Rayne Van-Dunem<mailto:rayne04@msn.com>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 10:28 AM
> Subject: Re: HI-PAR
> Ok, but all it is, is that we use your name. However, you have to at
> least reside in a state (unless you're on vacation or something). I
> would have to put you where you slept last night. BTW, that's MSP,
> not MP. State parliaments are like subsidiaries.
> --Jimmy
> Rayne Van-Dunem wrote:
> Oh, me?
> Im sorry, but I consider myself totally unsuitable for the job. I
> mean, for one, I'm not a resident of the State/Kingdom/Nation of
> Hawai'i, so, unless you can make an exception to me, I can't
> necessarily say that I'll be right for being the first MP of a
> Hawaiian parliament.
> Harry aka Rayne
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: MP Jimmy Ogle<mailto:vvc@usparliament.org>
> To: Rayne Van-Dunem<mailto:rayne04@msn.com>
> Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:13 PM
> Subject: HI-PAR
> To: Rayne
> From: Jimmy
> Subject: HI-PAR
> Hi, I just got your email, I've been off-line for a few days. I
> can set you up as the first one to do the HI-PAR, under archives I
> maintain. We're planning a national vote next year, free for
> everyone, where all representatives in an imaginary parliament,
> may self-categorize under the word or words as they wish. Once
> the HI-PAR gets 100 free appointees, we can hold the HI-PAR
> election, meanwhile we'll also have a national ballot. I'm
> trying to work with the current cabinet, to have our big deal on
> July 4th over the next four years.
> I'd use either you name Harry, or Rayne, whatever you wish Your
> party/category must be your "true" one.
> Thanks for your interest, I can appoint you as member of state
> parliament (MSP) and create an email and/or web link to your name,
> and that will put you on the monthly bulletin automatically too.
> (be sure to email me if/when you don't want the bulletin, or if
> you "stand down" or any other appointments or improvements).
> Thanks for your interest,
> Best,
> --Jimmy
> Rayne Van-Dunem wrote:
> Hi, this is the administrator of the hawaii_nation community at
> livejournal
> (http://livejournal.com/community/hawaii_nation<http://livejournal.com/community/hawaii_nation>).> I'd like to ask you, the administators of the US parliament
> website, if it is feasible to establish a parliament in Hawaii,
> so as to allow all under-the-radar parties, movements, and
> organizations that aren't allowed a voice in Hawaiian politics.
> Such would be especially important for Hawaii, considering the
> fact that it has been illegally occupied by the United States
> since 1893, which, prior to that year, had recognized Hawaii
> repeatedly as an independent and sovereign nation.
> Sincerely, Harry Underwood aka Rayne Van-Dunem
> (http://livejournal.com/~rayne_vandunem<http://livejournal.com/~rayne_vandunem>)>
> PS: The most representative type of parliament is the one that
> has the lowest-possible ratio of MP to citizens in a
> constituency, as in equal proportional representation. So as far
> as the California parliament goes, the more-localized
> proportional representation in a unicameral parliament would be
> either (on a ratio of MP to citizens in a single constituency)
> 1:100,000 (which, if bringing into account the current estimate
> of the census in California, would give a unicameral parliament
> a number of around 320 members).
> Just a suggestion for the California parliament.

OK, now if you've been reading the following article, I've just come across the chance to realize a future in politics and/or political reform, as a member of the California Parliament, representing the Pacifica Bloc.

Now I ask you right now: do you all think or not think that I would, could, and should be a legitimate representative of those who feel that the West Coast, or Pacifica (as it is called more nowadays), should become independent?

I do not envision, nor will I present, myself as a leader at any rate in any aspect whatsoever, but rather as a representative of the people who are willing to elect me to the California State Parliament.

In fact, do you all feel that the parliamentary system should even be considered as a suitable, alternative replacement of the present form of government?

If you support this, then I am establishing the PACIFICA BLOC (PB), a union of West Coast citizens (residing in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington) who support moves toward at least a more autonomous Pacifica, and eventually an independent one as well (with Hawaii becoming its own nation).

Please, I ask for your support on all of this, but only if such support is of your own will.

Thank You,

Harry Underwood