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Global Warming - The West Coast's Independence from the US and Cana [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The West Coast's Independence from the US and Cana

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Global Warming [Jan. 19th, 2007|02:54 pm]
The West Coast's Independence from the US and Cana
A horrible day in Los Angeles history has come and gone, like a blast of icy air that sends shivers up the spine. I'm referring to the day that January temperatures on the East Coast were warmer than the temperatures in Los Angeles. Snow in Malibu? Black Ice on the streets of the Valley? Southern California blonds putting on more than a string bikini? Armageddon is certainly upon us--or at least global warming is. The warning signs have been around for years, I suppose. Rising temperatures and something like 99% of the scientists of the world biting their nails and tugging on the coats of their world leaders telling them something must be done. So although I made my contributions to the green-house gasses that cause global warming, I did so under the expectation that I'd be swimming in the ocean in January without a wetsuit, not that I'd be huddled in an itchy wool coat freezing while those East Coasters were benefitting from the hard work of countless hard-working, SUV-driving Californians. It's offensive is what it is.
But it looks like things are starting to clear up. The cold is showing signs of retreat and the sun is out again, smiling on the west coast as it should. A quick check at the weather report tells me that highs should be back in the 70's for the next week or so, as they well should be. I, for one, have learned a valuable lesson from this horror story that I and many other Los Angelenos have lived through. Los Angeles' warm weather must be secured! Forget securing sources of foreign oil. The topic of Los Angeles' gas-guzzling ways must be left for another day. Besides, if we secure the warm weather people can just walk everywhere in the warm balmy weather (haha, jokes, all jokes, just try and pry my car from my stubborn claws). But seriously, folks, it's time to be part of the solution. How can we, as responsible Californians, ensure good weather and sunny skies so that our children, and childrens' children can enjoy the weather that we've become so used to? Is global warming still the way? Should we start investing in giant heat lamps? Or are we just going to have to pick up and move to New Jersey next time the weather takes a turn for the worse? I for one am not willing to accept that option.